Meet Maison & Objet’s Designer Of The Year


tristan auer

The next big design fair is just around the corner — and interior architect and designer Tristan Auer is gearing up for a memorable appearance.

Kicking off Sept. 8, Maison & Objet Paris is a chance for industry professionals to see what the world’s top designers and makers have in store for the season. Unsurprisingly, at the top of our list of people to watch is Auer, who is also Maison & Object’s Designer of the Year.

You may recognize Auer’s work without even realizing it. His firm, Izeu, is responsible for the stunning design of luxury hotels like Les Bains and the Hotel de Crillon in Paris; homes and villas everywhere from New York to Oman; showrooms for the likes of Cartier and Puiforcat; and collaborative projects for many more leading luxury brands such as Holly Hunt and Christophe Delcourt.

With such an extensive resume, it’s no wonder he was selected as the creme-de-la-creme for the upcoming fair. So, what does he have in store for the event? Plenty, actually.

With the launch of his new business, Tristan Auer/Cartailoring, the designer is specializing in developing tailor-made interiors for classic cars. At Maison & Objet, visitors will get the opportunity to see the debut of the first car from Auer and his design team.

Auer will also have a full stand devoted to his designs where he will exhibit his unique approach to French art de vivre.

“I will show how the French lifestyle can be very inviting, seen in the bar and lounge space I designed,” Auer says.

The lounge will serve as a respite for visitors of the show who spend hours and days scouring the aisles for the latest trends and exciting installations. Described as a “magical time-out,” the display and its archways, gentle color palette, and thoughtful layout will be an oasis in the midst of the bustling market.

The space will feature bar in the middle, to create a fun central hub; the vintage car; and a series of recesses that showcase objects in cinematographic compositions.

Ahead of the big event, Auer shared some inside information on his craft and his favorite places to visit in Paris:


Les Bains



Tell us about how you developed your craft.

At about 19 years old [I realized] I was made to be a designer, but I was not yet ready to be. It took many years to learn the tools, and I am still learning today.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I never look at any interior design magazines or TV programs. I take my inspiration from the project itself, from what the client and the building tell me. I listen a lot, spend time in the place to understand the natural flow and how the natural light plays.

What three feelings do you hope people experience in the spaces you design?

Luxury, calm, and sensuality.

Describe your ideal weekend in Paris.

Listen to new music, have a late dinner with friends, swim at the Automobile Club de France, drive one of my vintage cars in St. Germain on Sunday morning, and take my time to sketch – the best ideas come when you don’t expect them.

Favorite meal, cocktail, dessert?

Japanese Whisky Old Fashioned, mashed potatoes with truffles, and tiramisu.

Favorite places in Paris?

The Hotel de Crillon for a shoeshine in an Aston Martin car seat. The Musee des Arts Decoratifs, a meal at Frenchie on Rue du Nil. I get my groceries at Causses on Rue de la Rochefoucauld, and shop at Husbands on Rue Manuel for my suits. One of my favorite places is the auction house Drouot, which I go to about three times a week.

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