A Meeting Of Two New York Minds Results In A New Kind Of Art For Walls


Table with artful wallpaper in background

For Weitzner’s new Reverie collection of wallcoverings and textiles, designer Lori Weitzner tapped Brooklyn-based artist Lisa Hunt to create five of Reverie’s 18 designs—a collaboration for which the idea came about, Weitzner notes, while she was perusing a copy of Luxe. “I was looking through an issue that profiled Lisa’s artwork and fell in love at first sight,” says Weitzner. “Her pieces jumped right off the page and really spoke to me.” For the new designs, which debuted at Deco Off in Paris earlier this year, Hunt applied her signature repeat patterns of geometrics and bold graphics using a metallic sheen, creating a soft modernism that works in either traditional or contemporary settings. “I tend toward more organic patterns, but we want to have more geometry in our collections,” notes Weitzner. “There’s a subtlety to Hunt’s shapes that makes them exciting, yet also very easy on the eye.” weitznerlimited.com

chair backed up against floral wallcovering