Bright, Desert–Inspired Art Dominates This Arizona Creative’s Feed


Illustration of curvy green cactus against a purple backdrop

Painting of a butterfly on a cactus against a red backdrop on a utility box

Mural by Meg Stapps featuring cacti on rolling hills against a backdrop of skies and flying birds

FEED TO FOLLOW: @stappstudios

WHO: The self-taught multimedia artist behind Stapp Studios, Meg Stapp.

WHAT: Vivid colors, boisterous lettering and playful desert imagery dominate the feed—and for good reason. They have made Stapp Studios the go-to illustrator for such projects as the four-story building wrap at Phoenix’s new Alloy Midtown apartments as well as for clients like the athletic shoe company Hoka and McArthur’s Restaurant & Bar at the Arizona Biltmore.

WHY: Scroll through to feel happier and connected. Stapp is a Phoenix native who manages to combine a sense of youthful ebullience with finely tuned skill. The result is a feed that informs and inspires.

IN HER WORDS: “There are tons of studies that all share how bright colors are scientifically proven to boost your mood, and my artwork typically uses vibrant tones and calming, wavy lines for a combination that is both fun and very peaceful to me. I hope it can have the same effect on viewers.”