Get Inspired By Megan Moore’s Cool + Collected IG Feed


framed photo atop a black entryway table

Photo: JC Buck

a patio in the setting sun

Photo: JC Buck

a kitchen island with black barstools

Photo: Ian Warren Photography

a collage of fabric samples and interior design drawings

Photo: Courtesy Megan Moore

WHO: Megan Moore, founder and principal of Dado, a Denver-based firm offering everything from full-scale interior design services to expert advice on smaller projects. Of her serene spaces, Moore says, “We aren’t interested in the visual first; that really comes second to how a space will feel.”

WHAT: Cool, calm and collected is the vibe of her Instagram feed, which showcases Dado’s well-edited aesthetic with mood boards, behind-the-scenes moments and completed residential project photos. Unafraid to reveal her favorite sources, Moore often introduces followers to the emerging artists and makers whose creations she loves.

WHY: “It takes real work to shape meaningful spaces,” reflects Moore, who uses Instagram to remind her followers of the effort and expertise that go into a well-conceived design. “I like to show the process as much as possible, so it doesn’t all seem like magic.”

IN HER WORDS: “I hope our followers enjoy what we do and maybe get ideas for how they can make their own spaces feel good to themselves. And I hope they learn a little bit about interior design—and why it matters.”