Merida’s New Rug Collection Offers A Portfolio Of Prints That Nod To Cultures Far, Far Away


Merida Studio‘s headquarters in Falls River, Massachusetts, may be far from the ancient streets of Rome, Florence, and locales along the Mediterranean, but the rich history of those storied places plays a colorful hand in the rug company’s newest collection, Portfolio, out this month.

While plenty of product lines look to the past for influence, Merida Artistic Director Sylvie Johnson infused takeaways from years of personal travel to Italy into the collection’s motifs and colors, many of which have roots in art history. Rich purples and reds from works by High Renaissance painter Raphael, for example, influence the bold colors in the collection.

Sites and historical figures, too, served as muses for the pieces. Florence’s marble and stone facade are represented in designs like the Portico in Verona, while the Osman rug is named after the leader of the Ottoman Empire.

Materials featured in collection–which includes 74 prints and patterns–range from South African mohair, Belgian linens and crimped wools.

Until travel is normalized again, let these artful floor coverings be a ticket to cultures far, far away.

Portico in Verona


Edirne in Grenat