2 Chicago Designers Join Forces In The Hamptons


Why 2 Chicago Designers Joined Forces In The Hamptons

Michael Del Piero Good Design with Lukas Machnik, Hamptons

Chicago-based designers Michael Del Piero and Lukas Machnik are upping the ante out East. They’ve opened a new shop and studio location in a renovated barn in Wainscott called Michael Del Piero Good Design with Lukas Machnik, Hamptons. The first-floor shop showcases antiques, tableware and art, while the studio is on the second floor. Del Piero speaks about what the pair offers Hamptonites.

Why did you open a location on the island?

I spent 30 years summering here. I always received inquiries about projects in the Hamptons, so two years ago I opened a Hamptons office. This studio and shop is an expansion.

What motivated the shop?

When shopping locally, I noticed a void in one-of-a-kind objects, so I wanted to bring in the wares we’ve found all over the globe.

Why did you join forces with Lukas?

We collaborated on a Chicago project, and our styles blended well without compromising his modern take on things and my rough and earthy vibe.