Behind Michelle Workman’s Line Of Playful Wallpapers


michelle workman wallpaper samples

In designing her debut line of wallpapers, Michelle Workman wanted to stretch the limits of her creativity—plus material possibilities.

“I have tons of experience creating and designing furniture. But wallpaper was something new,” says the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based designer, whose new 24-SKU collection with U.K. maker Dynasty Home incorporates unusual substrates like green-tinged mica and metallic foil with a yellow cast, à la antique mirror.

She applied an elaborate peacock pattern to the latter, achieving a brilliant take on scenic paper via a four-panel repeat. Additional motifs speak to the Art Deco influences of her Los Angeles childhood, culminating in a career with A-list clients who swear by both her design expertise and discretion. Still, Workman’s six years in her adoptive Southeast ensure they’ll be just as beloved by buyers in her own backyard.