Discover An L.A. Designer Turning Her Watercolor Art Into Wallpaper


Jennifer Miller standing in front of tall swaths of her patterned wallpaper designs

An attic bedroom with a blue patterned wallpaper

Wallpaper pattern by Jennifer Miller

Interior designer Jennifer Miller has been creating homes throughout Los Angeles (and beyond to Montecito and Sebastopol) since she opened her eponymous firm in 2010—but she has now decided to expand her talents across different media. Earlier in the year, she launched an ecofriendly wallpaper division, Miller House, which produces hand-painted, made-to-order designs inspired by her artwork.

Painting is, for Miller, a longtime passion, and her debut collection, called California Garden, was inspired by watercolors made at her Silver Lake home. Comprised of five patterns (Succulents, Seaweed, Pittosporum, Olives and Vines), its colorways sport such evocative names as Sea, Salt and Sage. Now, those watercolors are making their own debut as Miller is releasing them as limited-edition prints via her website this fall. And rounding out her year of expansion is the inaugural textile line she is readying for launch in early 2024.

“The new patterns and colorways are also based on my drawings and will coordinate with the existing wallpapers,” she shares, adding that they will be printed in the United States on 100% linen fabrics. “My designs are meant to bring the garden inside and act as living art, transforming spaces with a sense of serenity, warmth and soul connection.”