Art, Design and Coffee: This Modern Phoenix Shop Has It All


Books on display next to a plant and ceramic home goods inside Dialog shop

What’s in a name? A lot if you’re Dialog, the modern concept store that has recently opened on Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row. Equal parts gallery space, coffee shop, market and design boutique, the store is also something of an art space.

“It’s an honest design,” explains co-owner Chad Campbell. “It’s not like a cake that is decorated.” Campbell and his partner, Shawn Silberblatt, have architect Wendell Burnette to thank for that. Burnette coaxed moments of beauty and stillness from the space: glossy white floors invite shadows to dance across it, and celadon and white finishes are warmed by sunlight flowing through glass walls. Given Campbell and Silberblatt’s design pedigree—they own For The People in Uptown Phoenix—this artistry in architecture is unsurprising. They have learned how design, whether in the form of artwork or a sofa, can inspire engagement and conversation.

“A dialogue can happen verbally, but everything in the store is designed to speak to all five senses,” Silberblatt explains. “You can have a dialogue with yourself. It’s constant conversation.” This is on full display at Dialog, where visitors encounter a gallery space for featured artists, furnishings from brands like Tom Dixon and Bend Goods, and a Taschen Library of more than 100 titles. There’s also a grab-and-go market and a craft coffee bar for ongoing conversation.