The Must-Follow Instagram Of Unpatterned Design Studio


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FEED TO FOLLOW: @unpatterned

WHO: Chicago native Carly Pokornowski Moeller obtained her architectural license in Illinois prior to launching her own business doing interior renovations, new construction and decor projects via her interior design studio, Unpatterned.

WHAT: Known for her bold use of color and an appreciation of vintage, she creates one-of-a-kind projects by mixing finishes, patterns and colors.

WHY: Much like her practice, variety is the spice of life on Moeller’s Instagram feed. A multitude of colors balances neutrals and room views combined with a voice true to her offline personality.

IN HER WORDS: “With the additional time we’ve been spending at home, we’re all taking stock in a new way of working and living, and I’m excited that I get to play a role in the added value interior design brings to our homes each day.”