The Community Initiative Promoting Visibility For Latinx Artists


nancy gamboa

Los Angeles-based advisor Nancy Gamboa specializes in developing private collections of critical, cultural significance. Enhancing this pillar, she recently founded Botanica Fine Art, a digital, community-based initiative that promotes visibility for Latinx artists.;

Industry buzz: There’s been a lot of talk recently about works by young artists reaching upwards of six figures privately and at auction. Three factors contributed to this phenomenon: newly-created crypto wealth, which added diverse buyers to the market, trillions in American dollars printed and a lack of primary access to work for new collectors.

Fall happenings: September 2 marks the first installment of the Frieze Art Fair in Seoul. I’m excited to see what happens when the international art world meets with the sophistication of South Korea’s artists, institutions and collectors. Closer to home, the September opening of Hauser & Wirth in West Hollywood will feature a show by George Condo, and the Cy Twombly show at Gagosian Beverly Hills will be a treat for Angelenos.

Buoyed by: The increased presence of Latinx, AAPI and BIPOC run galleries, including Commonwealth and Council (LA), Regular Normal (NYC), LaPau (LA), Calderón (NYC), Mariane Ibrahim (Chicago), Sow & Tailor (LA), Make Room (LA) and Estrella (NYC).

Best advice: Themes of identity, geography, medium or a combination of the three can provide a helpful parameter for building a meaningful collection. The subject doesn’t have to be complex to be valid, and with so much art in the world, working around an idea or interest helps to focus decision-making while creating depth.

Photography Courtesy of Nancy Gamboa