‘Nature & Structure’ At Lisa Sette Gallery Celebrates Life And Renewal


nature and structure image


This month, as spring reminds visitors and locals alike of what makes Arizona so irresistible, Lisa Sette Gallery will unveil its “Nature & Structure” exhibit in a celebration of nature, renewal and the ways these elements intersect with humanity.

The show showcases a triumvirate of female artists including Kim Cridler, Marie Navarre and the legendary Mayme Kratz. For 35 years, all three artists have orbited one another in the same museums and galleries, but this exhibit will underscore their unique interpretations of nature.

Cridler explores both familial and natural relationships in her steel vessels where metal juxtaposes with organic material like horsehair and beeswax. Navarre transforms photographs into an altogether different medium through collage, hand-stitching and layering so that natural images (a flock of birds, a spray of branches) transcend their geography to speak to the universal. And Kratz will offer up a collection of cast-resin forms, where micro-terrestrial elements like burrs or gravel are reimagined to represent the macro-ethereal cosmos, as in Blue Moon (above).

The exhibit will be available for viewing by appointment at the gallery or virtually through May 1.