Designer’s Debut: A Family Legacy in Furniture


Living room seating area with a cream-patterned skirted sofa and armchairs by Nellie Howard Ossi

Following in the footsteps of her parents’ highly celebrated Mr. & Mrs. Howard for Sherrill Furniture collection, designer Nellie Howard Ossi has debuted her first collection of furnishings for the Hickory, North Carolina-based heritage company.

Operating out of Atlanta, Charlotte and Northeast Florida, the Howard family—helmed by Jim and Phoebe—are powerhouses of residential design and retail, and their daughter has been steeped in that passion since childhood. Ossi’s own 14-piece capsule reproduces numerous approachable classics she previously created custom for projects, running the gamut from charming case pieces to refined upholstery.

Rendered in sumptuous yet surprisingly durable materials, Ossi’s designs sweetly reinterpret the dressmaker details of the past—scallops, button tufts, box pleats—for modern families. True to Howard tradition, the pieces are pretty, inviting and perfectly timeless.