Neofuturistic Design Nods To Balkan Textiles In These Bold Pieces


Artist Kiki Got looking into one of her three-piece, amorphous-shaped mirrors

A three-tiered side table, three-piece wall mirror, pendant light and a standing mirror on display

Kiki Goti is taking the New York design world by storm with her amorphous yet slightly geometric objets and playful, neofuturistic approach. Originally from Greece, the architect, designer and digital fabricator lets Luxe in on what makes her tick.

How did you come to design? During my studies I was fascinated by small-scale structures, funky tectonic systems, fabrication technologies, robotics and 3D-printing biomaterials. Today, my work still focuses on experimenting with innovative materials and hybridizing fabrication techniques, but in a more intuitive way. 

Tell us about the Neo Vanity collection you launched at this year’s Milan Design Week. Exploring the act of getting ready with a mirror, vanity and sconces that are simultaneously hard and soft, I wanted to show a part of the Greek aesthetic that isn’t stereotypical. So I developed a series of hand-painted patterns that evoke Balkan textiles and are bold and colorful, but also sensuous and fun.