The Stylish New Surface Collection Inspired By The Natural World


neolith stone

New year, new Neolith: The brand that put sintered stone on the global map has launched its Six-S range of surfaces, inspired by the natural world and the battle against COVID-19.

Designed to be solidary, sanitary, strong, stylish, sensory and sustainable, there’s one “s” that wasn’t a part of the Six-S range: sacrifice. All six offerings are every bit as luxurious, prepossessing and meticulously finished as traditional Neolith products.

The Six-S range comprises Himalaya Crystal, an homage to the Himalayan salt crystal landscapes; Abu Dhabi White, inspired by the UAE capital’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque; Amazonico (above), which calls to mind the ascension from the darkness of the rainforest floor to the lighter tones of tree canopies overhead; Winter Dala, nodding to the pines that encircle Sweden’s Lake Siljan; Summer Dala, mimicking the texture of freshly cut timber, and Layla, inspired by One Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

And it’s not just environmental consciousness that Neolith is staying in step with—the company also has a new digital platform, Neolith Virtual Experience, which brings more than 50 colors and finishes straight from the showroom to the customer’s home.