What’s New In Houston: 3 Showrooms And Studios To Have On Your Radar


james showroom houston

Houston continues to attract a growing array of design resources. Among them, state-of-the-art Moderno Porcelain Works’ new headquarters (11760 Clay Road) offers an innovative surfacing solution for residential and commercial needs. They not only fabricate and install high-definition, large-format porcelain—which can mirror the look of marble, exotic stones, wood, concrete and more, with better durability—but also offer in-home selection and service with a quick turnaround.

Already established in Austin and Dallas, beloved showroom James (above) recently expanded to a 2,200-square-foot space in the Decorative Center of Houston (5120 Woodway Drive, #3029), where founder Meredith Ellis curates an extraordinary selection of unique, artisanal, high-end furnishings and fabrics in a quintessentially beautiful setting meant to inspire and fuel creativity.

And Austin-based designer Marcus Mohon has boosted his Houston presence with a full-service design studio (2422 Bartlett St., Suite F), where he now keeps a dedicated, full-time team. “The creative dialogue flowing through this city is unparalleled,” Mohon says.

Please check with the local showrooms for the latest information regarding openings and appointments.