A New Luxury Tower Is Rising Up In Chicago


LX_CH48_Scene_1000M - White Living Room

LX_CH48_Scene_1000M - Sun Deck_People

LX_CH48_Scene_1000M -Master Bathroom



In a prime lot on Michigan Avenue, architect Helmut Jahn is showing off his shape-shifting abilities with 1000M, a 74-story residential tower breaking ground in 2019. The glass-and-metal structure, expected to be completed in 2021, begins with a rectangle base that gradually morphs and expands into a curvy parallelogram as it rises 832 feet, offering excellent views of Lake Michigan and Grant Park. Inside, designer Kara Mann‘s vision for the two-story lobby–outfitted with marble floor tiles, mohair accents and Venetian-textured walls adorned with art–sets the tone for the layouts and finishes she selected for the building’s 323 units. All boast a terrace and elements like natural wood flooring, LED recessed lighting, Wolf kitchen ranges, 6-foot Kohler soaking tubs and ceilings no lower than 9 1/2 feet. Perhaps even more challenging, Mann also tackled 1000M’s amenity spaces, a laundry list that rivals the best in the city with areas like a library lounge, a music and art conservatory, a theater, a spa, an elevated green space and an indoor winter garden.