8 Pretty Pieces That Transport You To A Desert Sunset


From sea to shining sea, get to know the latest landscapes to join the National Park Service.

ethereal pink sand dunes against a pink sunset

New Mexico’s ethereal White Sands marks the state’s second addition to the National Park list. Its name hails from the rolling gypsum dunes covering 275 square miles, earning it bragging rights as the world’s largest gypsum dune field. Not your typical beach sand, gypsum is a hydrous, soft sulfate mineral that’s used in a wide range of applications, including architecture and art. The otherworldly terrain is a popular backdrop for commercials, music videos and films. Here, we round up pieces that channel the essence of a desert sunset.

white wavy and curvy coffee table

Ruffle Coffee Table / Price upon request / julianchichester.com

white marbled stone wallpaper

Pecosa Wallpaper in Air / $375 per roll / eskayel.com

glass shelf and desk with pale pink backdrop

Diapositive Lilac Desk by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Glas Italia / $6,550 / artemest.com

pale pink sunglasses

Rhythmic Bold Mask Sunglasses in Rainbow / $260 / zimmermann.com

lavender sconce shaped like a teacupyellow sconce shaped like a funnel

Junit Toffee and Junit Fruta Lamp by Julia Jessen for Schneid / $473 each / stillfried.com

curvaceous rose pink chair

X Chair in Lavender by Sun at Six / $660 / foromshop.com

rose pink glass

Addled Tall Glass in Strawberry / $191 / shoprira.com