How This New York Showroom Is A Dreamhouse For British Design Fans


Living room with skirted sofas, patterned wallpaper and a shell chandelier at Soane Britain showroom

Breakfast nook with patterned wallpaper, rattan chairs, a pleated pendant light and a mosaic of small artworks

Drapes of patterned linens on display on the walls of a room with a skirted table at Soane Britain showroom

This September, Soane Britain moved shop to a new location in the city. Taking up residence on Madison Avenue, the company is marking its 25th anniversary with a showroom that showcases the best of British craftsmanship in delightful, immersive spaces.

Pairing its own gamut of rattan furnishings, heritage upholsteries and top-quality luminaires with chic antiques, the flagship’s various rooms have been masterfully curated to foster a distinct atmosphere. Each draws visitors away from the hustle and bustle of the street outside to immerse them in a design bliss of embroidery, botanical prints and such classic pieces as the brand’s signature Owl flush pendant lamps or Rattan Whalebone dining chairs.

A collection of patterned fabrics developed in collaboration with London-based designer and antiques dealer Adam Bray that launches this fall will also be on view at the showroom, giving British design-lovers even more reason to pay a visit.