Behind Nicole Fuller’s Luxurious Home Design For A Glittering NYC Residential Skyscraper


Standing tall at 64 stories, and enveloped in a modern glass shell, is the newly finished residential tower at 111 Murray Street. The sleek Manhattan structure, with impressive vistas of the city, houses luxurious penthouses and an array of amenities, such as a 75-foot lap pool and a private aircraft concierge service.

Complementing the building’s upscale, contemporary feel with comfortable, homey interiors was high on the priority list for the developers, who tapped designer Nicole Fuller to bring that balance to a 54th-floor residence. Here, Fuller gives a glimpse into the process for orchestrating the look of a grand model unit that surpasses expectations.

A simple, neutral-toned kitchen showcases the open floor plan

“At 111 Murray Street, it was important to us that the design compliment rather than distract from the architecture, finishes, and views, which Nicole understood from the onset,” said Lauren Witkoff, executive vice president, sales & marketing, at Witkoff, one of the developers behind the project.

Designer Nicole Fuller

Nicole Fuller

How did you beginning planning what to incorporate into the 111 Murray space?

The first time I stood in the living room of this 54th-floor treasure in the heart of Tribeca, it was clear my design would emulate the thrilling views surrounding me. I wanted to combine the juxtaposition of the metals of the city with the tranquility of a clear blue sky, all by layering the space with neutrals and soft textures.

Walk us through the overall feeling you wanted to create.

A timeless space that was both cozy and inviting while complementing the Manhattan skyline. I wanted the homeowner to enjoy an exhilarating space, layered neutral shades and pops of subtle color that ground you while enjoying the remarkable views.

Your work incorporates a lot unique accent pieces, plus impeccable patterns and color schemes. What was your thought process for this particular space?

The inspiration for the color palette was based on the exterior surroundings of the home; I wanted to bring the outside in by incorporating the myriad of colors in the sky and the metallics of the skyline and thread these elements together in the art and furnishings.

Speak to creating a cozy space within such a modern property.

To balance the modern design of the home, we designed custom millwork to make one feel grounded and rooted in the space. The entry doors are wrapped with wood panels to create an exciting first impression every time you enter the home.

What’s something you think a space would be incomplete without?

I am personally inspired by the art world and believe living with art creates a warm and homey vibe that elevates any interior, while adding that special personal touch. Art comes in many forms, so there’s always an opportunity to find something that speaks to you.