Nicole Hollis Captures California Cool With New Collection


San Francisco-based interior designer Nicole Hollis has joined forces with luxury furniture brand McGuire to create a striking 27-piece collection that evokes the tailored California lifestyle.

“Inspired by couture fashions and iconic works by Carlo Scarpa, I designed a collection centered around natural materials and luxurious textiles,” Hollis says. “With the use of bold combinations of Danish cord, woven leather and honed marble, we created a collection that offers artisanal luxury and timeless designs.”

Textiles from fashion runways, for example, inspired the intricate rawhide weave of the collection’s rattan-framed Exalt Host Chair. The Moledro Spot Table, made of honed marble, evokes piles of stones used by ancient European cultures used as burial monuments and landmarks.

Accessories include the decidedly tropical Hoku Mirror, made from woven lampakanay.