Fall In Love With This Miami Artist’s Tranquil Instagram Feed


Abstract painting of blue, orange, peek and cream tones leaning against concrete wall

Abstract painting of blue and cream tones

Mason jar full of small used paint brushes

a person strokes a brush against a canvas of abstract light blue and cream paint

WHO: Colombian-born Nicolle Cure is an abstract artist who harnesses her talent to raise awareness of Ménière’s disease, which she was diagnosed with after experiencing sudden hearing loss in 2017. Rather than being hindered by the devastating impairment, the Miami creative turns to it for inspiration, finding solace through her work. 

WHAT: Exuding a meditative, tranquil feel, Cure’s pieces consist of translucent layers and washes of ink and acrylic paint, with soft lines that resemble undulating sound waves. She explores mixed media through her “Calm Collection” series, combining canvas, paper and wood panels, and often incorporates materials such as graphite, charcoal and spray paint. Her peaceful abstractions are meant to quiet the viewers’ noise, internal and external.

WHY: Join Cure on her journey of bringing a painting to life, from behind-the-scenes snapshots to the reveal of the final piece. Her artistic process is organic, each brushstroke a response to the one prior—no sketchbooks to be found in her studio.

IN HER WORDS: “In essence, my art aims to convey a narrative of resilience, turning adversity into an opportunity for growth and creativity. It represents a positive message—an invitation to discover peace and inspiration amid life’s tumultuous journey.