The Design Couple Shaping New Visions Of Home—For All


Noam Dvir and Daniel Rauchwerger

Luxe checks in with a cast of creatives pushing innovation and equity to the forefront of design. Meet The Curator, The Innovator, The Reconceivers, The Activist, The Botanist, and The Storytellers.


In a past life, Noam Dvir and Daniel Rauchwerger worked as critics at the Israeli newspaper Haaretz before falling in love, heading east to earn their masters at Harvard and founding BoND, a holistic architecture and design firm focused on expanding traditional ideologies of home.

“In the residential environment, there’s this mold of how a space should be organized—but design for non-nuclear families looks different,” explains Dvir, pointing to the themes of gathering and desire that often distinguish their work. “Design should explore many different identities and lifestyles, and we really wear that on our sleeves.”

With a fast-expanding residential practice, the couple has their sights set on more cultural projects in the commercial space. (They recently designed Company Gallery, a leading queer art institution, and are fast at work on a trans-led after-hours nightclub.) “It’s very important to us to work on projects that people will have access to, and that feed us spiritually,” says Rauchwerger, adding, “the real fun comes in sharing design.”

Noam Dvir and Daniel Raunchwergner Bond modern living room