The Office Meditation Room That Encourages A Moment Of Pause


meditation room raffia wallpaper

“My husband and I took meditation classes years ago. Afterwards, we set the intention to do a daily 20-minute meditation in the morning and another in the afternoon,” shares designer Lisa Kahn.

For Kahn, maintaining a morning practice was easy. An afternoon practice amidst the activity of office life was another story—so she crafted a meditation room in her Naples, Florida, headquarters.

To encourage midday respite for staffers and clients alike, the designer wrapped the space in a honey Kravet raffia, adding comfortable pillows in a HomArt batik fabric and live-edge wood stands to display healing objects.

“We believe meditation is an important element of the day to gather a sense of self when the bustle feels all-consuming,” she says. “It helps us stay connected to our larger purpose for being here.”




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