Meet The Duo Behind Olivia + Poppy Wallpaper


Meet The Maker

Jamie Graney and Tina Silvestri, Oliva + Poppy

For Jamie Graney and Tina Silvestri, necessity was the mother of invention. While updating Silvestri’s house in Katy, the pair noticed a lack of fun, modern wallpaper. That realization–coupled with a mutual background in design and an adoration of all things fabulous–resulted in Olivia + Poppy, their one-year-old wallcoverings business. Now, an array of dogs in black silhouette and a spray of huge pink peonies rendered in soft watercolors are just a few of their wallpaper options available to anyone. The duo recently talked about their influences and future creations.

Where do you find inspiration?

TS: Everywhere–whether shopping for ourselves, visiting a museum, watching a fashion show or traveling.

What sets you apart from other suppliers?

TS: We are highly customizable: If you see a paper on the site but want it in a bright purple, we can produce it. Or we can make an entirely new paper within three weeks, from creation to print.

Do you have any favorite collections?

TS: Black and white is where we started and what really defines us.

JG: I love our classic pieces, like Square+Lines and Pink Spill. I also love Graphic Quartz.

Where are the designs available?

JG: We have showrooms that carry our work in New Orleans and Canada, and there’s been interest from some showrooms here in Houston and around Texas.

TS: Papers are also available on our website.

Tell us about upcoming designs:

TS: We recently created a new wallpaper just for Texas Design Week, and we’ll be launching a new collection this fall.