The Design Podcast That Celebrates The Art Of The Process


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There’s a lot to be said about a finished design project, but how about all the steps—and maybe even stumbles—that it took to get there? A new podcast from SANDOW Design Group is celebrating the process behind the picture-perfect result in a new biweekly production titled “Once Upon a Project.”

Hosted by SANDOW Design Group EVP and Design Futurist AJ Paron, “Once Upon a Project” invites design professionals to reflect on the chapters between the inception of an assignment and its storybook ending—touching on surprises, setbacks and more—for hospitality, commercial and residential projects across the country.

Episodes will air biweekly on Fridays, on SURROUND, a podcast network for design- and architecture-focused shows, as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.

The inaugural episode, which debuts November 18, spotlights Keith Rushbrook and Dan Menchions of Toronto-based luxury design firm II BY IV DESIGN. The duo chats about working on the hospitality spaces of the new Yankee Stadium, which opened in 2009.

“I remember taking a flight over New York and the pilot was flying over the stadium at some point,” Menchions recalls. “It’s like, oh my God, we were involved with that. We were a small part of a little piece of history there.”

Other guests include Meena Krenek, Principal and Global Interior Design Director – Principal, Venues Interiors, HKS; Besty Vohs, Founder and CEO, Studio BV; Amy Mays, Interior Design Director, HDR; Taruan Mabry, formerly Senior Interior Designer, ICRAVE; and David Levo, Principal, ZGF.

“My favorite thing about creating these podcast episodes is really getting into designer’s heads about the journey,” Paron says. “They provide so many valuable lessons. I find myself saying ‘I wish someone would have told me this story early in my career’ over and over again.”

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SANDOW Design Group is the parent company of Luxe Interiors + Design, as well as Interior Design, Metropolis and ThinkLab.