Add The Luxury Of Vacay To The Everyday With Open-Air Showers


Outdoor shower surrounded by plants

Perhaps you’ve experienced the delights of an open-air shower at a resort in the tropics. That needn’t be a rarity, says interior designer Jay Jeffers, who loves creating them for his clients. He talked to Luxe about his penchant for these special features.

What do you love about an outdoor shower? You’re in nature. The air is wonderful. You might hear birds chirping or see a little frog hop by. I’ve done them near a tree or next to the pool. We did a lovely outdoor shower outside of a master bathroom in Dallas. We surrounded the shower with beautiful ferns and trees to create privacy because it’s in a neighborhood. By doing that, you feel like you’re in an oasis—in a different world.

Any other design approaches you’ve used? You can also create a little shed-like structure. I think about a funny TV show I saw as a kid, Gilligan’s Island. They had a bamboo gate and you could just see someone’s feet and head, and everything else was covered. That provides privacy, but you’re still outdoors.

What should be considered when planning? If you live in a climate where pipes could freeze, think about where the water is coming from. Also, consider animal life. If there’s a tree above you, birds might plant nests up there or you might have animals or spiders popping down. But that’s the fun of an outdoor shower—the unpredictability.