Dip Into This Outdoor Tub Inspired By Japanese Bathing Rituals


outdoor cedar hot tub

When hired by clients with an appreciation for the Japanese bathing ritual of a shower to cleanse the body followed by a bath to cleanse the soul, Lindsay Anyon Brier saw a unique opportunity for an exterior wellness space. Specifically, when the designer viewed their Piedmont, California, home’s expansive deck set conveniently off a gym and sauna, she envisioned the perfect place for a soaking tub.

Working closely with Berkeley Heat, and in collaboration with Graff Architects and Newell Construction, Anyon Brier conceived a cedar hot tub seemingly dropped within the tree line. Underscoring the home’s commitment to sustainability, the custom creation boasts a drainage feature in lieu of chemical maintenance. (Domestic wastewater, known as grey water, is then used to irrigate the property.)

Adding a touch of sparkle to the scene, decorative screens with a Moroccan motif “create a sense of privacy and intimacy while focusing the eye on views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay,” notes Anyon Brier. anyondesign.com



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