Organic Vibes + Minimalistic Curves Meet In This New Collection


dining room featuring an all-wood table and curved chairs from RW Guild's OVO collection

“The principle of unity in variety is an important one in the natural world,” Robin Standefer says when describing her and partner Stephen Alesch’s new Ovo collection.

The founders of interior design firm Roman and Williams and New York boutique offshoot RW Guild meticulously designed the Ovo chair and table with a harmonious understanding of the fundamental geometries of nature in mind. Joining the duo’s ever-growing gamut of American-crafted furnishings, these monolithic yet perceivably soft and organic editions stem from an endless stream of sketches and models Alesch developed over the past two years.

Produced in pliable cedar, the chair is composed of multiple pieces of wood made using CNC milling technology. Similar attention was given to the robust table: The equally corporeal design is characterized by subtle convex edges, slight curvatures and gentle tapers.

“Ultimately, both the table and the chair achieve an exquisite sense of balance and finesse that belies the considerable weight of their solid-wood construction,” Standefer adds.