Delve Into This Designer’s Nostalgic Interiors In Her Debut Book


Cover of "Memories of Home" by designer Heidi Caillier featuring living room with mixed patterns

A rising star from the Pacific Northwest, Heidi Caillier has made her mark with interiors that deftly combine traditional furnishings and details with an of-the-moment look and feel. In her debut book from Rizzoli, Caillier has collected 12 residential projects from across the U.S., all photographed by Haris Kenjar and each revealing her unique brand of nostalgia, where vintage pieces mix with modern touches to create layered, cozy interiors with heart. Together, the projects establish Caillier as a design voice whose impact ripples far beyond the region.

“Our work is constantly evolving and really reflects our clients’ lifestyles,” Caillier shares. “You can see the differences in tastes, architectural styles and geography of the homes.” While each dwelling feels distinctly unique, the designer’s trademark mix of old and new prevails throughout, as does her interest in combining patterns, colors and textures to create welcoming, livable spaces. “I want readers to feel the warmth of our projects and get comfortable experimenting with print and color,” Caillier says.