A Palm Beach Artist’s Emotional Transition From Working In Front Of The Camera To Behind The Canvas


Based in Palm Beach, Camilla Webster spent much of her career as a respected journalist for 60 Minutes and Forbes before turning her attention to the visual arts. Today, the author, TED speaker and lecturer focuses on her contemporary art, continuing to tell stories with each painting. camillawebsterart.com; theartaltruist.com 

What prompted the shift to art? When my mother was dying it was time to be with her. Art was a passion she drove alongside me as a child. I have a master’s degree in art history. Then a TED Talk helped launch my career. 

How has the art world been affected by the pandemic? In spring, we witnessed every museum, institution and gallery close with the shutdown. I transitioned my entire business online and developed a 3D virtual tour program for all my exhibits. I also launched an organization called The Art Altruist that creates experiences to sustain artists and the art world, from crisis to recovery. Collectors are invited to purchase original works on our site inspired by the holiday season during a special event in early December.