Palm Beach’s Czar Interiors Boutique Tells Tales Of History With Its Wares



Always in search of accessories and interesting items to finish projects, interior designer Lauren Czarniecki was inspired after honeymooning in Italy to open Czar Interiors Boutique in downtown Delray Beach, Florida. “I found so many unique items in Italy that I wanted to bring in for my clients and the community,” says Czarniecki of the quaint store filled with handpicked goods, hostess gifts and vintage and custom furnishings. Czarniecki feels that some of the best inspiration comes from the past. “I fell in love with the world of art history because it told the stories behind the pieces of art, and it’s the same with interiors,” she says. “History tells the story of how and why these pieces were chosen and I love reinterpreting those ideas and bringing them to life in a new and contemporary way.”