This All-Female Firm Is Taking Their Talents To TV


The Insiders: Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto

In 2015, designers Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto created Park & Oak, a Glen Ellyn-based firm in Illinois. A nod to the streets where they reside–Samatas is on Park Boulevard, while DiSanto lives on Oak Street–their company of seven women focuses on creating homes that feel unique, lived in and layered with textures and warmth. Recently, they’ve taken their talents to television, as Park & Oak has created a barn-like set for a cooking show in production starring food blogger Tieghan Gerard. We speak with Samatas and DiSanto about upcoming projects, trends and more.

What was it like designing a TV set?

CS: We’ve never built a barn before, and this is not a house where people live, so we were able to have a little fun with it. Our inspiration was earth elements: natural wood tones layered with textures and various metals.
Tieghan is super talented, and we’re excited to watch the show.

Any trends you are noticing among clients?

CS: It’s nice to see the warmer colors and organic elements being incorporated into homes. We also love to embrace the character of older residences.

What design elements are in your own homes?

RD: Black interior windows–we like the contrast against the light and bright rooms. We also love incorporating organic elements to create more warmth and make our spaces feel very lived in.

Where can we find you shopping for home goods?

CS: We love to support local businesses whenever we can. Some of our favorites are Jayson Home, Rede ned Decor, Marcel’s Culinary Experience and 610 Home.