Sip A Negroni While Exploring This Stunning New Home Boutique


Home goods shop with arched brick doorway leading to shelves of goods.

Christina Samatas and Renee DiSanto—co-founders of interior design studio Park & Oak—have opened Park & Oak Collected, a new home accessories and furnishings boutique in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, that will soon expand to include a furniture and kitchen showroom, complete with a cocktail bar.

“Our studio was down the street,” DiSanto says. “We needed more space, but this ended up being way more ambitious than our original plans.”

The storefront was originally a car dealership before being subdivided into three businesses, including a bar. The landlord wanted to reunite the spaces and open it up to allow in more light, which made it the perfect place for Park & Oak’s studio and boutique. Their plans quickly expanded—as these things tend to do—to fit the luxurious amount of space they were offered.

“We weren’t originally going to have a bar, but it’s there and it’s beautiful, so there will be a cocktail bar,” DiSanto says. “There’s space for furniture and a full kitchen, so it becomes a whole experience for visitors.”

In addition to serving their design and retail clients, DiSanto notes that, once it’s fully operational, Park & Oak Collected will be an ideal event space—a welcome addition to downtown Glen Ellyn.