Don’t Miss The Bold Sculptural Furnishings On Display In Wynwood


Colorful wallcovering, white curved sofa and sculptural coffee table

When the pandemic’s travel restrictions stranded French designer Patrick Naggar in New York, what transpired was the rare opportunity to work directly in the Ralph Pucci studio and experiment on something entirely new: sculpted furniture. The result is his latest exhibit, “Recollection,” at the Ralph Pucci showroom in Wynwood.

“The pieces were handmade in plaster first, the same way a sculptor would sculpt a model before the molding process,” Naggar says of the seven designs in the collection. “The trial-and-error process, the layers of plaster, the discoveries through finger marks and a sense of play were added to my traditional use of poetical and symbolic references. The works resonate with the viewer just as a sculpture does, but they are at the same time practical and usable.”

Reminiscent of something ancient and at the same time new, the curvilinear pieces include the Hestia Sconce and Lotus Coffee Table. The exhibition runs through December 22.