How Paul Davidge’s Not So General Shop Got Its Start



Talking Shop With Paul Davidge

Not So General

When did you open Not So General? We opened our doors at 7209 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood in December 2016.

Tell us about the concept. I wanted to cater to a broad clientele whose common interest is a love for good design, so I created a gallery-showroom-store hybrid. By featuring everything from off-the-shelf items and made-to-order furnishings to vintage works, I’m able to offer something to clients with different budgets, spaces and lead-time parameters.

And the location? We’re in an up-and-coming part of Hollywood that many view as the best neighborhood to source the latest in contemporary design, fashion and art.

Why L.A.? Although I’m from London, L.A. has been my home for 10 years. The city has changed a great deal during that time, becoming a mecca for creators in art, fashion and design. However, it is still difficult to find good contemporary work as L.A. tends to focus on midcentury design.

Describe the shop. Instead of vignettes, we have an art gallery feel–works can breathe and be more appreciated for their design and craftsmanship. Clients have embraced this uncluttered approach as they can envision how pieces can suit their specific needs.

What will visitors find? The ombre glasswork of Amsterdam-based Germans Ermics, exquisitely crafted furniture by domestic artisans, exclusive pieces by L.A. design studio Early Work, and we just got some cool resin chairs by New York-based Kim Markel. For most of our designers this is their only home in L.A., so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.

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Photos: Courtesy Not So General