9 Pieces That Channel Eileen Gray’s Ahead-Of-Her-Time Modern Style


eileen gray modern living room room


By the 1930s, Eileen Gray was a solidified furniture designer and architect—a rare accomplishment for a woman by early 20th-century standards. Of her many contributions to the modern movement, the Irish-born creative designed the ubiquitous (and replicated) adjustable side table, which she designed specifically for her home dubbed E-1027, shown above, on the French Riviera. Gray set out to build the residence— her first ever—in her late 40s, and it still stands today as a survey of modern design. Here, we spotlight pieces that nod to her forward-thinking style.

Egoiste Chaise Lounge by Alessandro La Spada / Price upon request / visionnaire-home.com

Kennet Grip / Price upon request / rockymountainhardware.com

Squiggle Tile from Block Shop x Fireclay Tile / $14 / fireclaytile.com

Roattino Floor Lamp by Eileen Gray / From $1,809 / aram.co.uk

Natural Hand-Shaped Tray / $278 for extra-large / bloomist.com

Silver and Rose Gold Regular Lock on Handmade Mega Biker Bracelet / $2,022 / marlaaaron.com

E1027 Adjustable Table in Chrome by Eileen Gray for ClassiCon / $1,395 / dwr.com

Polygonal Area Rugs / From $600 / trnk-nyc.com