The Plain English x Rita Konig Collab Is All About Color


Two adored British powerhouses of design have teamed up for a capsule collection that celebrates color.

Plain English, a traditional U.K.-based maker of cupboards, has teamed up with beloved English interior designer Rita Konig to create 12 new paint colors bearing cheeky names like Burnt Toast, Mouldy Plum, Medler Jelly–a direct reference to all things synonymous with life across the pond.

Ahead of the line’s September debut, Luxe spoke with Konig about trends, kitchens and tips for making the heart of the home pop.

Where did you and Plain English color consultant Kate Shaw look to for the 12 new hues of this collection?
We looked to objects of everyday life. Kate and I met and we had agreed to bring along bits and pieces of things that we felt resonated with a certain sensibility, to devise a palette that takes inspiration from historical interiors, natural fabrics and British comestibles.

What’s the main difference between how the U.K. uses color in the kitchen versus the U.S.?
The typical American kitchen is white. But color in a kitchen is a very British thing.

What are some quintessential characteristics of an English kitchen?
Color, a feel of furniture versus great massive built-in fitted pieces, and of course the things you accessorize with.

What cupboard trends would you like to see make their way to the States?
Islands that are more like the Plain English worktables.

What’s a good strategy when choosing colors for a kitchen?
When we were in the creative process, we did look at colors in groups of threes. Combinations were always on our minds. You need an architectural color for the cupboard, the pop color for the accent, and a background color for the surround.

Visit Plain English’s New York City showroom at 51 East 10th St.

Candied Peel takes its name from a sweet orange.

A sharp green color, Moygashel, was inspired by a village in Northern Island.