Bistro-Inspired Decor Defines This Playful Connecticut Kitchen


kitchen designed by Ryan Salvatore and Graham Veysey

“Thematically, the idea was to channel a bistro,” shares architect Ryan Salvatore of the playful Connecticut kitchen he conceived alongside designer Graham Veysey. Included in the storage program: A diner-style stainless-steel Eliason pantry door and a wall of cupboards resembling vintage ice boxes.

“We wanted to add elements that aren’t so ‘normative kitchen,’ and to use volume in an interesting fashion,” he notes. Hefty Armac Martin hardware was then added to the lower cabinets “to punctuate them in a muscular way.” Grounding the mix is a rosette penny tile floor—a choice as apropos for this charismatic new build as for its antique neighbors down the road.

“It’s a traditional home, but a fresh take on traditionalism,” says Salvatore. “The last thing we want is for people to be able to date our projects.”

Photo: Read Mckendree/JBSA