Pool Houses In The Hamptons Are Getting An Upgrade


Poolside Living

Architects and designers are taking pool houses in the Hamptons to the next level.

In the Hamptons, a pool house is a standard amenity, but in the past, they’ve often been used as a cabana–and not much more. “Popular designs used to be very cookiecutter,” says architect Blaze Makoid, who designed the pool house shown here as a part of an overall home project in East Hampton. “Many of these structures weren’t really being used because that type of design didn’t really match their needs.”

But things are changing, and nowadays, people are more carefully considering how a pool house can add another layer to the home and work well with the family’s lifestyle. “Pool houses have evolved beyond simple changing rooms into elaborate living areas,” says interior designer Jesse Carrier of Carrier and Company, “complete with fireplaces, kitchenettes and large-screen televisions.”

Homeowners are now realizing that there are no rules when it comes to what they want out of a pool house. “I think our clients are looking at these structures with a more open mind as to what they should be than they have in the past,” says Makoid. For this project, the architect took cues from the main home in terms of materials and style, but the pool house is also an entity unto itself. The outdoor covered living area–complete with beverage drawers and an outdoor shower–centers around an oversize fireplace, creating a social space that people are drawn to.

“The evolution of the cabana has opened up a whole new–and fun–opportunity to expand traditional outdoor living spaces,” observes architect John David Rose. Adds his son and associate Scott Alexander Rose, “These once-simple weather shelters have been transformed, and there are countless amenities being incorporated into them.”

Be it a living area, an outdoor dining pavilion or even a yoga studio, the potential with a pool house is undeniable. As Carrier points out, “They’ve become multifaceted ‘destinations’ in one’s own backyard.”