Behind The Portland Creative Designing With An Eye To The Future


Casey Keasler

light green and airy kitchen

Interior designer Casey Keasler believes design has the power to transform. From her Portland-based studio Casework, Keasler and her nimble team are steadily amassing a portfolio of residential and commercial projects, all designed with an eye to the future. Creating interiors that highlight opportunities for growth and possibility, Keasler is a self-described forward thinker. Her bright and bold yet clean and composed designs establish a vibrant launch pad for life to unfold.

Tell us about your background in design. I grew up on a construction site. Literally. For the first 13 years of my life, home was an 1860s Victorian my parents bought, gutted to the studs, and remodeled DIY- style. I loved the process so much that I got a degree in interior design, then spent a decade honing my craft at commercial architecture firms.

Why did you launch your own firm? I wanted to bring more meaning to the interiors I touch. As the business grew, I also wanted to provide a place for young designers to develop their voice.

How would you summarize your design philosophy?  One of our most common refrains in the studio is function. It’s one thing if something is beautiful, but if it’s not functional, and the countertop stains on the first day, then what’s the point? It has to work with how you live your life.

What’s on the horizon? Casework has a lot of residential work in older homes on the boards, as well as an exciting hotel and hospitality concept in Oregon wine country.