Behind The Prayer Room That Serves As A Modern Sacred Space


wellness design reflected in this prayer room with schumacher wallpaper

Learning new things is a favorite pastime of designer Cheryl Settino Mosher. So when clients tasked her with creating a prayer room design for their Brooklyn apartment, she happily dove into research.

For visual inspiration, Mosher referenced Owen Jones’ The Grammar of Ornament, looking to motifs of ancient civilizations. Ultimately, she landed on a quartet of Schumacher wallpapers in sepia tones, which were deconstructed then put together in a bespoke pattern intended to evoke the feel of a sacred space modernized for contemporary living.

Meanwhile, for the layout, she used a Qibla compass to place the family’s beloved prayer rug directed toward the Kaaba. Bathed in diffused sunlight, the room, with its cozy, velvet-covered divan, has become a reading room as much as a religious space.

“It’s an area to recharge,” shares Mosher. “Now more than ever, people need these spaces. Whether you have a large home or an apartment, you have to make time to sit and find quiet—whatever that means for you.”



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