Preserve Your Wine And Your Style


Any passionate oenophile knows that the storage of vintages and vinos is no simple thing. With different temperate requirements for several varieties, a propensity to appear in large volume within the home of one who appreciates it and the delicate nature of its container and contents, wine demands a great deal of its owners.

That’s why Liebherr has crafted the Monolith wine columns, which are designed specifically to store, preserve and display one’s collection.


open refrigerator blue island

A built-in Monolith 24-inch wine column (MW 2401) coordinates with a 30-inch refrigerator column (MRB 3000).

Owning a Monolith wine column is like having your own personal wine cellar, but in the form of a sleek, technologically advanced appliance that fits seamlessly into any room of the home. When incorporated into the kitchen, it accomplishes the dual goals of showcasing one’s prized bottlings and blending into the aesthetic established by other appliances.

wine fridge brown chairs

Wine columns need not be limited to the kitchen, though. Here, a combo of two models (MW 2400 and MW 2401) stands side by side with a home library.


Featuring stainless-steel interiors, and either two or three temperate zones depending on how varied your tastes are, Liebherr’s wine-centric offering enables one to maximize bottle storage and independently adjust the humidity and temperature to keep corks from drying out. Additionally, an activated charcoal filter prevents air contamination, while UV and vibration control keep your collection undisturbed.


Monitor and update all of the above, via smartphone or tablet, with the SmartDevice app for iOS and Android.

ipad for liebherr

The SmartDevice app invites total control, remotely.


Telescopic rails help the columns’ shelves to slide out smoothly, for easier access to your wine, and the added presentation shelf gives you the opportunity to show off your favorite bottles. For even more customization, Liebherr has included seamlessly integrated LED sidewall lighting that can be altered to one’s liking, as well as the ability to add a label to each shelf for a level of organization The Home Edit’s Clea and Joanna would be proud of.

On that note, a pro tip: Create a display that takes the viewer on a journey through countries of origin, types of wine or occasion for drinking. You might have to make an oenophile exhibition a part of your house tours and dinner parties.

wine in wine rack

In this wine column, labels categorize a wine collection by brand name.

As an added bonus (albeit, an important one), Liebherr’s long history of responsible production initiatives applies to its Monolith wine columns. They all meet the brand’s ActiveGreen® standards and ENERGY STAR requirements—no small feat.

See the lineup for yourself.