Public Art Gets Thought-Provoking In West Palm Beach


blue building blue windows

Art moves from the walls to the streets of Rosemary Square, the 72-acre neighborhood in downtown West Palm Beach that will morph into a work/live/play destination over the next 5 years. Three thought-provoking public art pieces now anchor the former outdoor mall. Think of the illuminated typeface of the My East Is Your West installation (above) by Mumbai-based artist Shilpa Gupta as a mindbender: A jumbled sequence of letters light up to reveal the title, with hopes of prompting viewers to reflect upon social, political and geographical boundaries. The towering Wishing Tree by Symmetry Labs celebrates the history of the banyan tree, with twigs and leaves made of full-color-spectrum LEDs that create an ever-changing light show. And interaction is key to Danish artist Jeppe Hein’s Water Pavilion West Palm, which allows viewers to venture in and out of water “rooms” created by vertical columns of water.