Visit The Design Gallery Bringing A Distinct Selection To Austin


Long vintage wood dining table with dining chairs, seating area with armchairs beyond.

Maggie Orth, cofounder of Rath alongside Eli Rabb and Josh Godwin, describes their collection as a wide range of “antiques and international designs, with a focus on primitive pieces and collectible 20th-century works.” Pairing historical wares with contemporary art in Austin, Rath aims to close the divide between the past and present.

Describe your aesthetic. We incorporate antiques, design elements and contemporary artworks in a fresh and relevant fashion. There’s something to be said for objects in different styles and periods playing off one another in a way that enables each vignette to live on its own.

What can patrons expect? Our pieces are the star of the show, so we keep finishes minimal. Limewashed plaster walls and concrete floors with ample natural light create a soft setting. We are also constantly rearranging and incorporating new items, so the showroom feels different every day—there’s always something new to discover.

Why Austin? Along with our families being here, there’s a budding design scene. We wanted to bring in a style that’s not hugely represented nor easily sourced in the region.