You’ll Find It All At Rebekah Woodard’s New Delray Beach Store


Portrait of Rebekah Woodard


With frequent family visits since 2003, designer Rebekah Woodard couldn’t resist the charms of Delray Beach. After spending more time in the coastal community during the pandemic, the Nashville resident has now opened a high-end satellite retail store and full-service interior design studio to better serve clients in the burgeoning area.

What can customers expect from the new retail store? We will have great gifts such as bedding, pillows, lamps, candles and books. I also have my studio there, where I can pull from our vast array of furniture, fabric samples, rugs, wallpapers and light fixtures. 

How did you curate the store? Having visited the area for almost 20 years, I had a good idea of what people from Delray Beach and Gulf Stream needed. They do not want to travel far for gifts and items for their homes. 

How does your design style translate to South Florida? My warm Southern style lends way to clean-lined upholstery, textured wallpaper and contemporary art mixed with antique pieces sourced in Florida. I like to use many different textures to make houses feel warm and lived in. And I love lamps and lighting to set the mood in every home.

What’s on your radar? Bright, unexpected colors mixed with neutral fabrics and fabulous colorful wallpapers. People are ready to live loud again after the pandemic.