Check Out Western Sculpture And Pop Art At This Arizona Gallery


Relévant Galleries featuring large black-and-white prints and sculptures on wooden pedestals

Old Town Scottsdale’s Relévant Galleries is the new kid on the block—and it’s ready to shake things up. “This neighborhood is known for its galleries,” observes Justin Montgomery, Relévant Galleries’ regional director. “Relévant brings a fresh perspective to an already established art market.”

The 3,000-square-foot Scottsdale location is actually the second Relévant to open (the first was in Denver), and it kicked things off with an exhibition by Scottish photographer David Yarrow. The artist takes a storytelling approach to his craft, which tends to result in captivating images of big cats and even bigger celebrities posed against Old West backdrops.

“Providing collectors access to David’s incredible work was our grand opening gesture, and we were so honored to be welcomed to the area with so much support,” Montgomery says. The gallery has much more planned, too: Western sculpture, contemporary pop art and prints are all on offer at this increasingly, ahem, relevant destination.