Indulge In Ultimate Relaxation At This Renovated Sedona Spa


Mii amo lounge area with red walls, a sunken sitting area with a red, tufted sofa and stone accents

Revisiting a classic, whether it’s a film, book or landmark destination—like Mii amo spa in Sedona—always involves a little risk. Is it possible to make something good even better? Luckily for Mii amo, its two-year, $40-million renovation was in capable hands: Dana Tang of Gluckman Tang Architects, the property’s original architect, helmed the update.

“The art and objects at Mii amo are intended to encourage imagination, meditation, contemplation and joy,” Tang explains. “Created with natural and organic materials, the pieces seen in the destination spa are a mix of those from the original Mii amo combined with new works commissioned by artisans from around the world.”

Tucked into Boynton Canyon, the refreshed property continues to take aesthetic cues from its surroundings. Earth-colored concrete, tactile adobe brick, wood and stucco give visual testimony to the area’s heritage, while the architecture cleverly incorporates light, shadow and space in a dance that mimics Sedona’s topography. The amenities, meanwhile, justify the spa’s two-year closure. It now occupies 42,000 square feet and the extras—a new sensory garden, signature restaurant, and expanded accommodations with private outdoor spaces and heated bathroom floors—confirm that, in the right hands, even a classic can be improved.