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Brekhus Tile & Stone is an award-winning, locally owned business founded in 1998.  Architect, co-owner, and CEO Kym Brekhus ensures expert estimating, technical planning and impeccable execution.  “Kym’s educational and professional background adds a unique asset to our company. Competing tile companies don’t normally have this advantage.”  -company founder Jeff Brekhus

In 1995, Jeff was working as a mechanic for Continental Airlines.  When this company decided to leave the Denver area, Jeff found himself faced with a new opportunity, to relocate or get a new job.  He decided to get into light tile construction.

“About 15 years ago, the day before Christmas Eve, I was picking up some material and there was a big general contractor at the store. He asked if I could do a hotel and I said I’ve never done one, but sure. We did the hotel then he got a multi-family project of high-end finishes in Breckenridge and asked me for a quote. That is how I got into the commercial world.” – Jeff Brekhus

Today, Brekhus Tile & Stone  installs tile and natural stone in some of Colorado’s most high-profile projects, including the Colorado Supreme Court building, Denver International Airport and Union Station. Actually, the company, which does about 70% commercial and 30% high-end residential, is two companies.

“Seven years ago we decided that since a lot of people asked if we did granite work as well, we would open a fabrication shop,” Jeff says. “We called it Brekhus Marble & Granite.”

There was just one catch: In order to find the time and energy to start a new company, Brekhus needed someone to run the original company. For that, Jeff turned to his wife, Kym.

“I hired Kym about nine years ago because I needed someone who could read architectural plans,” he recalls. “She was an architect who had been laid off when her firm went out of business. She said she would help out for a while until a new architect’s position came available, but has stayed ever since.”

One of the things that sets the Brekhus company apart as a sub-contractor on commercial projects is that every job is assigned a project manager, who is on site weekly and stays in constant contact with the general contractor. Additionally, Jeff is in the field every day, making sure the lines of communication stay open.

Brekhus Tile & Stone is the only fabricator in the Colorado region to offer a full service operation in order to meet all client needs – all of which include designing, supplying material, fabricating and installing for not only commercial projects, but residential as well.  We work throughout the Denver, Colorado area and have delivered superior craftsmanship in hundreds of jobs in shopping malls, office buildings, apartment complexes and the nation’s largest restaurant and hotel chains.

“We work on a schedule,” Jeff explains.

“That is the most important thing to a general contractor. The hands-on aspect of the ownership makes it easier to do business with us. We can make decisions on the spot and if change orders need to be signed, I am right there. I have my camera (I probably take 200 photos per day) and send photos of what the conditions really are on the jobsite to the contractor. There is a lot of dialogue going on all the time.”

Our organization takes pride in being well versed in all related tile and stone needs.  One of a kind custom stone fabrication and installation is what we specialize in, as well as intricate tile installation.  Many of our jobs are custom, complex, intricate jobs that present technical challenges that often other companies tend to avoid.

“Our basic philosophy is on all of our business cards. Quality, Timely, Professional. That pretty much says it all.” –Jeff Brekhus

Here at Brekhus, we understand the importance of your job and pride ourselves in delivering the best customer service in the stone and tile industry.  Stop by our showroom to see just how we can be of benefit to your next tile and stone project.

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