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Camilo Alvarez is a spirited Colombian interior designer who finds inspiration in fashionable cities, such as Paris, London, New York and Milan. Nevertheless, the richness of his South American culture is in his DNA and always finds its way into his work. It comes through in his strategic use of texture and color.

Camilo can find inspiration in the smallest details. Wherever his travels take him, he documents every element that captivates his senses  – from the shapes of the clouds, the sounds of a waterfall, the vibrant colors of nature to the texture of an old cobblestone street. Undoubtedly though, his first love is fashion design. He is influenced by the silhouettes, movement and colors found on the catwalk. These elements are very much part of his design process.

He specializes in mixing his client’s needs and desires, together with their personality, to create a more custom design result. He combines this with the unique characteristics of the space being worked on, to create a wholly original and personalized design.

“Listening is key to a successful design”

    -Camilo Alvarez

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Camilo Alvarez Home


Camilo Alvarez Home

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